About Pattanarak

Pattanarak Foundation was founded in 2000 by former members of Population & Development International (PDI), an international NGO focused on poverty reduction in Southeast Asia that has been in operation since 1994. Pattanarak’s founding members built on their experience with PDI, but chose to take a grassroots approach to development work. Pattanarak began concentrating on the needs of the growing populations of stateless and disadvantaged people in the remote communities along Thailand’s rural borders, starting with programs in Sangkhlaburi District, Kanchanaburi Province, and Kong Chiam, UbonRatchatani Province. "Pattanarak" is a combination of the Thai word “pattana,” meaning development, and “anurak,” meaning conservation; the name represents Pattanarak’s commitment to this dual focus.

พัฒนา +อนุรักษ์ = พัฒนรักษ์

Mission Statement

To form long-term relationships with remote populations along Thailand’s western border, working in partnership to effectively enhance quality of life through improving health and nutrition, facilitating dignified livelihood opportunities, and using local wisdom to guide environmental preservation.

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

Mr. SudjitNimitkul, Chairperson
Col. YodsaphanChaengyodsuk
Mr. ArthitBurm-Rung-Eur
Ms. Steve Caskey
Mr. Phil Robertson
Mr. SurachetHrean-Dumrongporn
Mr. Seri Thongmak
Ms. SuraneePhusawan

Advisory Board

Mr.Prajak Suwanpakdee   Chair

Mr. Peter Cox   Mr. Brian McLaughin
Mr. John Baker
Mr. Steve Lux      Dr.James McNeil

Senior Staff Members

Executive Director:
Mr. Seri Thongmak

Kanchanaburi Office:
Mr. AsokePonbumrung

Ratchaburi Office:
Mr. Wichit Chuthong

Administration & Accounting:
Ms. Puwanan Thongmak
Ms. JintanaPaphala