Food Production and Livelihood Development

Pattanarak seeks to address the root causes of hunger, poor health, and poverty in communities along the border. To this end, we offer training and support for food production at the household level. By providing not only knowledge about agriculture but also startup materials for backyard gardens, Pattanarak enables families to grow healthy produce, reducing their dependence on mobile markets that often gauge prices and lowering their expenditure on food. In addition, our “food bank” program promotes the cultivation of native plants – not only offering a long-term source of food in the community but also preserving this important natural heritage. In addition to food production, Pattanarak offers training and support for dignified livelihoods as well, giving community members the tools to improve their economic situation. These livelihood activities include raising livestock such as pigs, fish, and chickens; broom-making; and cotton-weaving. We provide continued follow-up and support for community members in these activities. One aspect of this support is our annual Agriculture Fair, which we organize as a venue for sharing information and demonstrating agricultural techniques matched to the local context.