Malaria Prevention

Pattanarak also takes a direct approach to major health issues in border communities. Malaria is endemic in the areas where we work; however, these communities often lack access to information about ways to prevent the disease. Pattanarak works to combat malaria infection through a multifaceted effort. We organize malaria prevention campaigns to raise awareness in border communities, as well as conducting home visits to share malaria-prevention information and promote behavioral change. In addition, we provide treated bed nets to families in malaria-endemic areas and facilitate access to malaria check-ups and treatment. With both the prevention information and the treatment effort, we take a focus on non-Thai populations who lack resources in their native languages and who may hesitate to seek treatment because of language barriers or lack of knowledge of the services available. Finally, Pattanarak collaborates with other local organizations and with government health care providers on malaria prevention and treatment issues, pursuing a coordinated and effective response to the needs of these communities.